Services for municipalities and cities


We offer several services specifically aimed at municipalities and cities. The services are tailored and integrated with existing systems for optimal benefit. No project is too small or large, you decide the scope.

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Timle - a smarter booking system

Timle is an effective booking and resource management system for the municipality's sports facilities, sports pitches and boat moorings. Can be integrated with entire municipalities to keep track of training, games and spaces. Through the additional add-ons Timle Slot and Timle Spot, the municipality also makes it possible to book pick-up times and place reservations for events and boat berths.

Advantages of Timle:

  • Easily move bookings between plans
  • Communicate changes as a group
  • Book shares of spaces
  • Avoid double bookings and misunderstandings
  • Save hours of administration
  • Compiles invoice documents according to shares used
  • Integration with both payment services, locking systems and ERP systems, i.a. unit4, Abloy, iLOQ and Paytrail

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Municipal apps - reach your residents effectively

Facilitate communication to the municipality's residents. With the municipal app, your residents get easy-to-use and flexible information and service channels directly in their mobile phone.

Advantages of municipal apps:

  • Subscribe to content and get push notifications when something new happens
  • Information is taken from the municipality's own website, e.g. news, disruptions, upcoming events, vacancies and housing
  • Tourism's own channels can be integrated with activity maps, farm shops, etc.
  • Smooth integration with e.g., Kuntarerky, Lipas
  • The app also supports integration with Pool Digital's other services such as Timle booking services, Virhi error notification, Pickapp

Virhi - the smooth way for error reporting

With Virhi, you get a flexible tool for handling error reports. Easy to use for residents as well as administrators and servicemen.

Advantages of Virhi:

  • Location-specific fault notification with GPS
  • Avoid double notifications thanks to the map where users see previous notifications
  • Faster actions
  • Less work
  • Trust & transparency between municipality and residents
  • Reports show recurring errors and how quickly errors were rectified
  • Optimized for both mobile, tablet and computer

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Websites - reach residents with a well-thought-out web presence

On a well-thought-out website, residents and other users quickly find the information they are looking for, which reduces the workload for officials and costs for the municipality. We create excellent websites regardless of whether you want completely new content or want us to use existing material in a new way.

The advantage of our websites:

  • Built on the open platform Drupal for a vendor independent, secure and versatile website Cost effectiveness
  • Support for, Kuntarekry, Opstopalvelu, Kuntatoimisto and more
  • Handles large content and a lot of web traffic
  • Many possibilities for design, content and integration

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