Software development and custom IT solutions for companies and municipalities

We specialize in creating customized software solutions for both companies and municipalities. Our expertise extends over development of e.g. mobile apps, extranets, time booking- and project management systems, which in many cases are integrated with finance-, logistics- and payment systems. With a strong commitment to innovation, we deliver software that drives digital transformation forward.


Progressive Web APPs  (PWA)

Pool Digital specializes in the development of Progressive Web Apps (PWA). By combining web and mobile applications, PWAs offer instant access through browsers, eliminating downloads. Whether you're a gym that enhances the workout experience or an unmanned store that simplifies direct commerce, our PWAs adapt to different needs.


Native apps

Our apps are carefully designed to perfectly align with your goals, whether it's improving user experiences (UX), streamlining processes, or connecting communities. Our mobile apps offer comprehensive solutions and seamlessly integrate with various systems such as finance-, logistics- and payment systems. This holistic approach drives your digital transformation forward.



We help companies and municipalities with a variety of software integrations. Our portfolio consists of collaborations with e.g. industry leaders such as Vitec FuturSoft, a pioneer in IT solutions for the automotive and machinery industry. We also have deep expertise in areas such as cloud integration, ERP integration and logistics integration, where we integrate different systems to increase the efficiency of companies.

Planering & design

Planning and design

With great knowledge and experience in mapping and planning different solutions, we can ensure that the project's goals and vision are achieved. This, in combination with a correct product and UX design, creates the conditions for a successful launch towards the intended market and users, regardless of whether the service is for general or internal use.

With us, your company can also use Business Finland's innovation voucher of 6,000 € for e.g. mapping and piloting of future development projects.

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