Indoor maps - simple
navigation on location


Removes the difficulties of finding your way through bigger facilities. Indoor maps guides you when there's the possibility of getting lost. 

It's supposed to be
easy to find your way

Indoor maps gives you an overview of a facility, making it easy to navigate inside a building.

Benefits of a indoor map:
  • Find the place/person you're going to visit
  • Substantial and visual guidance
  • Find out who's available or busy. 
  • Quick search names or titles to find the right p
  • Less work for the front desk


Ultimate indoor map with touch

With our indoor map service we offer a working visual guidance with touch function. The maps can both be used in different computers and touch screens. The can be placed where they might be needed - e.g. right by entrances  to save time both for visitors and the front desk.  The indoor maps gives visitors the information they might need to find the the person they're looking for - to find out presence status and contact information.

Integrate with timekeeper,  
telephone exchnage or calendars

The mapping system can be integrated with e.g. a timekeeper, telephone exchange and calendars to give the visitors an overview of who's in place. 

People who are placed on the map are shown as online or offline depending on if they're in place or not. Optional contact informations can be added below every person on the map, making it easy to contact them. 

Multiple alternatives
of package solutions

The system can be bought as a plug & play solution, or split up into pieces. See the alternatives: 


  • Software + box
  • Software + box + touch-screen
  • Software + box touch-screen + stand